Dev Bhumi Cold Chain is an advanced fully integrated cold chain company, from Farm-to-Retail. This starts from Farm level procurement, logistics & allied services, and Pan-India marketing and distribution. In this way Dev Bhumi brings meaning to the cold chain with an assured ingress and egress of produce, which is indeed the solution in the Indian Supply Chain Management needed by the growing retail industry in India. To facilitate the farm level procurement, Dev Bhumi has established Strategic Distribution Centers (SDCs) in growing areas to link with farmers and provide them a sale platform in their neighborhood. For the imports sourcing, Dev Bhumi maintains its philosophy of direct farm-gate procurement, and works directly with some of the largest growers in the world.
Dev Bhumi is one of India’s largest fruit importers. It supplies imported fresh fruits to the organized and unorganized retail sector in India in its own brand. Dev Bhumi’s brand is being aggressively developed in India. DB is already importing in its own packaging from France, China and others


Increase efficiency to maintain freshness and food safety throughout the cold chain in order to deliver maximum value to customers.


To bring the glow of health to every family.

Built on pillars of trust...
...Dev bhumi is your partner in progress!

Our Business Model


Our philosophy “from the roots up” starts here. We try to buy directly from farmers or farm cooperatives, etc. to maximize the value for both ends of the chain, i.e., the grower and the consumer. Here we lay the foundations for relationships that would last for generations.
By working directly with the growers, we are able to understand better their problems, and what we can change in our processes to maximize their returns and strengthen the grower community. This ties in with our philosophy of a strong and prosperous grower being the foundation of a strong and prosperous society.
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SDC (Strategic Distribution Center) - Linked to farmers
Located strategically in the midst of growing areas, the SDC is primarily connected to farmers; ensuring the procurement of required quantity & quality of produce. SDCs receive the produce, wash, sort, grade, store, pack & ship to various locations pan-India including RDCs (for further local distribution in varying lot-sizes).
Our first SDC, located at Village Matiana (45 Kms ahead of Shimla) is the tallest (with a building height of 154') and highest.

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The final link in our fully integrated cold chain is driven by our marketing and distribution network pan India. This is the most vibrant and dynamic section of our company. Because this section reprepresent the customer in our company, it becomes the most honoured input.
We continue to serve the unorganised retail along with the newly emerging organised retail, realising full well that the unorganised retail will continue to play a major role across the length and breadth of our nation, even while organised retail is a most welcome development. We hope to impart the learning from the organised.
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