Uniquely in our case, we see CSR being a great opportunity for universities worldwide, laboratories holding patents to the latest planting material, and funds dedicated to improving human environments & livelihood.

Since our area of working is the great Himalayas, we see a very different set of requirements with deep potential to transform the lives of people in a very inspirational way, while at the same time, preserving, protecting, and enhancing the great natural beauty and environment of the Himalayas.

Higher Yielding Planting Material

Despite agriculture being the backbone of the Indian economy, the yields have remained dismally low. For example, in Himachal the approximate yield for apples is 5 MT/Ha, compared to 60-100 MT/Ha in the western counterparts. This just shows the mind boggling opportunity that lies in the field of yield improvement.

Better Pre-Harvest Management

To reduce dependence of farmers on the vagaries of nature and to preserve the fresh produce: hailnets, water conservation techniques, soil testing labs, updated technology dissemination, agronomical guidance, etc. are some ways of getting to the root of the problem.

Medical and Educational Facilities

Providing the needed medical facilities for the surrounding areas, and setting up an educational training institute for practical training of farmers in pre- and post- harvest protocols, as well as, training in pack house operations.