1. Apple Demonstration Orchard at our Pack house (8000 ft. over Sea-level)

opportunity to implement the following:

  • World Class Pre-harvest Protocols
  • To introduce latest varieties in India by demonstration in the Himalayas – to negotiate with various nurseries, hail net manufacturers, Greenhouse companies, farm inputs etc. around the world for such partnership in the Himalayas.
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2. Marketing Horticulture Produce

  • To market indigenous and imported produce from all over the world to organized and unorganized retail in India, through our offices in Delhi (At the largest F&V Market in the world), Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
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3. Food Technologist for devising recipes for Apple Compote

  • Using apples of Himalayan origin.
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4. Making available all kinds of social help

  • To the farmers and their families living in the remote Himalayan Regions like medical, skill development, Ecological care, Water conservation etc. to contact various institutions around the world for such partnerships.
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5. To maximize efficiency

  • On fully automatic Apple packing lines imported from MAF Roda (France) and research on quality control of apples where farmers have very small land holdings.
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6. To assist in Global Business

  • By helping to establish new contacts with farmers’ organizations all over the world to import their fruit into India. Our company already imports about 1,000 containers of fruits from all over the world into India.
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